Society's Effect on the Individual Essay

Society's Effect on the Individual Essay

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Suicide has now become a common doctrine in society. Many people around the world end their own life; the causes are vast once we think of them. There can be many circumstances that end up changing a person and therefore changing their life, from personal sorrows to incurable diseases. Consequently this small variability is able to question the meaning of our actions which dictate our existence. Still, the most disturbing fact is that those individuals how ought to have everything that good life offers, are the ones to have the highest suicide rates in the world. This creates a suicide-happiness paradox, where people who are the happiest, and live in the worlds happiest places have the highest suicide rate in the world. However the unique problematic this undertakes is the matter in which society has built a stereotypic “happiness”. This Stereotypic Happiness, misleads the individual into creating an objective and goal, based, on traits and ideas society has imposed or prevented, consequently the individuals strive for happiness doesn’t lead him to true happiness but instead leads him to exasperation and worthlessness , creating reasons and risk factors for committing suicide.

Society has subconsciously forged a stereotype of happiness. There are countless individuals who have proposed themselves a goal in live. Whether it’s an emotional or professional objective, in the end this is what defines and gives meaning to our existence, this is our pursuit for happiness. Still society has created a system that stigmatizes boundaries and segments between human beings. Consequently giving birth, to decrees that indirectly influence and dictate an individual’s life. The appliance of rules, the taking of decisions, the virtues each hu...

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...the confession and absurd reasoning of being able question the meaning of life, the existence. Still, as the rational members of society that we are, it is in our instincts are to follow the meaning or purpose society has, but it is also under this assumption where the individual foolishly and subconsciously chooses to live and to be happy with the goods society offers such as money. In the end this stereotypic happiness, society has given origin to , and which societal individuals have endured ends up being the paradoxical reason which bequeaths the meaning and purpose of life and it is ironically the one that leads to demise life , questioning its value and meaning , and therefore creating a societal suicide. Where in the end the every person loses their status as a uniquely existing individual and become bearers of a stereotypic of happiness society has endured.

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