Social Theories And Its Impact On Capitalist Society Essay

Social Theories And Its Impact On Capitalist Society Essay

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Title: Social theories and its impact on capitalist’s society
Theses: Durkheim, Weber, and Marx social theories inspired the current dominant capitalist system and improved social life. The history of sociology adopt to new situation and experiences when industrial revolution took place in Western Europe. A huge number of people moved from rural to the cities to find for jobs. The new life in the cities challenged their day to day activities. They encountered more problems like difficult working conditions, hard work, and low wages. These social transformation shaped and influenced their ideas, believes, feelings and their traditional way of life. That leads and discovered a new research of methodology that developed a social theories. To explore more let us talk about how the three big theories changed the capitalist world and social life.
Durkheim theorizes and focus on traditional, religion and general laws. In his social facts he points out that social facts are forces that have an impact on personal behavior and culture that we acquire from social institutions. So, when we don’t know our obligations individuals need to go back and refer to traditional law and how authorized body interpret it. He believed that traditional ties to family is very important and stated “ collective habits are inherent not only the successive act which they determine but, by privilege of which we find no example in the biological realm, they are given permanent expression in formula which is repeated from mouth to mouth, transmitted by education and fixed in writing”( SF7). He similarly argues that marriages, suicide, and increase or decrease of birth rate are the examples of social facts that are real. He concerned that social act and policy must...

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...n traditional and family lineage. In contrast Waber modern policy, democratic, free market and competition. On the other hand Marx capitalist exploit the workers and accumulate more money. Waber capitalism creates jobs, improving to protect employee, leisure time, expansion civil rights, practicality and wage raise. Marx upset about economic and social classes. In contrast Waber was multisided not just class. Marx focused on economy not history. In contrast Waber interested ideas and history about how capitalism emerged.
The most influential theory that shaped the current purest capitalism is Max Waber who theorizes that modern capitalistic society needs to work hard with logic and rational. That corporation and enterprises will produce mass production. Workers will sell their labor free. Free market and competition, democratic government and personal acheivemet

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