Essay on Social Network Theory And Its Effects On Collective Actions

Essay on Social Network Theory And Its Effects On Collective Actions

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Social network theory asserted that social structures where actors located would determine what they found and get from relations (Granovetter, 1985). Some studies pointed out two fundamental networking strategies and explored structural effects on collective actions. As social actors are embedded in densely connected networks as subgroups or cliques, social cohesiveness derive from frequent interactions and communication; and in the meanwhile homogeneity and unity would be developed due to mutual accepted norms of behavior (Wasserman & Faust, 1994). Building densely connected networks, so called as strong ties, is an expression action based on the principle of homophily; its structural advantage is to maintain and reinforce existing resources by increasing the degree of closeness (Lin, 2002).For example, it is one means to maintain membership and cultivate exclusive cultural capitals that acquainted celebrities in the upper class regularly playing golf together. This argument is similar to Andrew and Carr (2013) observation about emergency management networks. They found that because of embeddedness in a bonding relationship, local actors incline to identify with the good of the group so as to actively take part in regional preparedness planning activities for improving the quality of emergency preparations generally. Put it differently, one advantage of the bonding strategy to social actors is to gain ongoing commitment on collective actions.

Additional benefit is to avoid future abandonment of contracts or agreement. Within this cohesive group, it is easier to monitor deviated actions or enhance information credibility as information is redundantly circulated within networks. In line with this notion, most hypothesized that u...

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The possible answer hinges on the attitude of decision-makers toward the consequences from collaborative activities. The distinct role of city government play in collaborations may rest on different concerns of city managers or mayors about the outcome of joint activities, such as losing autonomy, invoking resident’s opposition (Delabbio & Zeemering, 2013; Gjertsen, 2014; Zeemering, 2015). In order words, the observed collaborative patterns among city governments are by cause of subjective evaluations of benefits made by decision makers in city governments. Based on this perspective, we would expect that as city managers forecast the results from collaborative networks across varied types of partners, the differences in outcome evaluations might put impacts on what partner is favorable. One possible attitudinal factor would be city managers’ career goals.

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