Social Media Usage For A Public Institution Essay

Social Media Usage For A Public Institution Essay

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I identify with the Forging category because in my experience, social media usage for a public institution has been well-defined and executed exceptionally well. That being said, I do believe there is always room for improvement in everything, so I did not select Fusing due to not having a full grasp on its potential yet. For example, at my public library, we use Facebook and Twitter quite often and well. Our following has been strong, our postings have been informative and creative, and we follow a set policy on what can be publicly posted. However, we have not explored other types of social media platforms well (e.g., Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr) and we have separation between the Teen services and general services that shows quite a difference between content. Social media is definitely critical in my line of work, but I do not feel that it is ingrained into my job fully.

Working with a library director who identifies as “Folly” is certainly challenging, but not impossible. I would assume this director does not use any social media platforms on his or her own and most likely has not had a positive experience in usage. My first step is to identify the most popular social media platform (I would select Facebook and Twitter) and present a few exceptionally well-done institutions to showcase how it is being used. The New York Public Library (@nypl) and the Library of Congress (@librarycongress)’s Twitter feeds have large followings and present highly educational, creative tweets to their followers. Additionally, I would show American Library Association’s Facebook page to highlight how they present events, information, and share stories with their followers. This library director may need more than just visual examples and I would...

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....php/library-policies/social-media-policy) and here is my comparison:

- Similar use of language and wording
- Have specific sections indicating employee usage; many public libraries’ social media policies do not seem to cover this aspect
- Both libraries’ section on Posting are nearly identical
- Both social media policies are officially recognized and in effect

- Eisenhower includes a Definitions section
- Sections regarding employees of the library: Eisenhower uses more assertive language to explain what employees can and cannot do
- Cook Memorial includes a section regarding Trustee’s use of social media
- Cook Memorial highlights a Patron Participation section
- Eisenhower goes into more detail regarding their disclaimer and violations, as well as including how to report violations; Cook has a brief Section V regarding their disclaimer

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