Essay on Social Media Has A Negative Effect On Our Lives

Essay on Social Media Has A Negative Effect On Our Lives

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Social Media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create,share or exchange information,ideas,and pictures and videos in virtual communities and Networks.(Social Media Definition-Wikipedia the free encyclopedia).Social Media is social instrument of communication that will give information simply by asking,giving comments or recommending of other people with similar interests.This is use by giving your thoughts and the ability to communicate positively or negatively.Examples of Social Media sites are Facebook,My Space,Twitter,Bebo,and Linked-In.For a fast paced technological world,Social Media has a big part of our digital lives.It is the starting point to penetrate in every aspects of our lives,in our personal life,Social life or even professional life.Many engage to Social Media but others is failing how to use it properly especially with regards to employees in the workplace.

According to the latest survey conducted by Karen Colfer the Australian managing director in the Kelly Global Workforce Index,year 2012 results shown that fourty-eight percent of Australians employees state that social media has a negative effects on the workplace.And eighteen percent of the employees are using social media during working hours.Business leaders are concern about the decrease of productivity if employees have the permission to use their facebook and tweeter accounts during working hours.Example,employees are busy updating his or her profiles in the facebook account instead of doing his or her work productively.With this aspects employees cannot multitask on his or her work.He or She was preoccupied in surfing the internet,checking emails and performing his or her job as well.The hours that employees consumed on surfing interne...

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...void the increase effects to the workplace.

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