Social Justice And Political Science Essay

Social Justice And Political Science Essay

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To What Extent Do the Concepts that we Use Shape the Conclusions that we reach?
Bella Li
Theory of Knowledge
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Have you ever wondered why a single idea attracts different reasoning from everybody? It is due to different concepts used by different people to make their own conclusions. This means that the concepts that we use shape the conclusions that we reach. While looking at ethics and political science, we will see that the two given areas of knowledge have concepts that are important for the survivability of all modern societies; however, we will see that the concepts in the afore-mentioned areas of knowledge are not only distinct, but act oppositely to one another. Take for instance the ethical concept of social justice and the political science’s concept of Machiavellian morality (McIlwain et al. 123). That will explain why ethics can be seen as an important philosophical field for making appropriate conclusions due to its systematized and recommendable concepts that outline correct and wrong actions. On the other hand, political science can be seen as a less important field for making appropriate conclusions due to its inclination on political matters that tend to breach moral values that govern good decision-making processes.
Ethical concepts can be relied on because they guide individuals in making right conclusions. The ethical knowhow that concerns the concept of social justice is accredited for individuals’ ability to make conclusive decisions that are self-effacing, justifiable and right. Social justice is a concept that urges individuals to make conclusions that do not harm other people in any way. The idea of not harming other people is to necessitate the exis...

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...heir opposite actions deem ethical concepts superior in making universal conclusions as opposed to political science concepts that are less reliable even if they encourage individual-based conclusions.

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