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My Political Philosophy Political Philosophy is typically a study of a wide range of topics such as, justice, liberty, equality, rights, law, politics and the application of a codified law. Depending on what the philosophy is, it usually tends to be a very sensitive and a personal ideology that an individual holds within the reality of their existence. Several of the fundamental topics of political philosophy shape up the society that we live in as these specific topics and their implementation by the state ensures a legitimate government. In Political Philosophy, the aforesaid concepts or topics are evaluated and analyzed with tremendous depth in context to their history and intent. Furthermore, in a rather colloquial sense, political philosophy is generally a point of view which after some deep thinking asks questions such as, what are the government’s duties? Is it legitimate? What makes it legitimate? What are the duties of its citizens? What are their rights? Are they protected? So on and so forth. In the following paper, I will canvass my political philosophy and elaborate on my reasoning behind it. I have a very pessimistic outlook on human nature. I genuinely believe in the statement made by St. Augustine, in his writing of the “City of God”, that the “man is marked by the original sin” and has “fallen after disobeying God”. All this, of course is in reference to the sin committed by Adam and Eve. I intently believe that we as human beings are morally corrupt and grossly nefarious. It is in our nature to be awfully hypocritical and sanctimonious while having absolutely no qualms in depriving the other of the fruits of his/her labor and also privileges that one might have earned thro... ... middle of paper ... ...people know with surety that they are going to be protected from evil and the wrongdoers so the government should be obliged to create a Justice system which ensures fairness and equality. Moreover it should also be able to judge without bias and partiality for the betterment of its state. In conclusion, when above mentioned core values are applied to a state and are made the foundations by which the state operates on, prosperity is imminent. Progression towards a better and safer society is almost inescapable, because these values are what keep the standing firm. In the midst of pessimism there is always a beacon of hope that inspires one to be better and do better no matter what, which is why I think that by incorporating values such as, Equality, Freedom, and Justice in a society there will be prolonged stability.

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