Essay on Social Issues Of Hillary Clinton 's Current Campaign

Essay on Social Issues Of Hillary Clinton 's Current Campaign

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Social Issues
Hillary Clinton’s current campaign attacks all of the nation’s current concerns ranging from economics to civil rights. Some of the policies, such as human rights, in which she invested time in her past electoral campaign, are being readdressed. Discussing health care and education she believes everyone should be entitled to these simple, yet necessary rights (On The Issues, 2000). Furthermore, Clinton also attacks the fact that college and university expenses are incredibly high, which sometimes only allows people to receive their basic education. In addition, she continues to be the voice of women all over the country and supports their rights, believing they should have no other individual name rather than human rights. Lastly, Clinton is a firm supporter of gay rights and believes their lives, like everyone else’s, deserve to be respected and dignified. In all, these are some of the reasons why Clinton would make an influential presidential candidate.
Human Rights
Hillary Clinton announced her presidential campaign through a video called “Getting Started.” The video features women, men, and children of various races speaking about their aspirations as to what the future could bring them. Although, the video does little to discuss what Hillary’s policies are to restore the economy or foreign affairs, it captures the lives of average Americans and the matters they face every day. Clinton’s campaign, “...emphasizes bonds with everyday people,” for, she tries to prioritize the concerns of the middle class, in order to promote modern day America (Walsh, 2015, para. 5). Through this promotional video Clinton is able to exhibit her political stance regarding individuals being born free and equal.
Above all, Clinton ha...

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... community college would only boost America’s economy in the long run.
With regards to education, Clinton has supported the repeal of the No Child Left Behind Act; the act required all states to enforce standardized testing for their students at certain grade levels in order to gain federal funding and to make sure students were learning what they’re supposed to learn. Clinton did not agree with the way the bill stands today saying, “Our public school system worked so well for America for so long. We’ve got to make sure it works as well for our future” (On the Issues, 2007, para. 5). She agrees that the Act focuses too much on standardized testing and not enough on students’ education itself. Her stance on education makes it clear that the citizens of America are in her best interest, and that she’d do what she can to improve both their daily lives and their future.

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