Social Inequality And Gender Inequality Essay

Social Inequality And Gender Inequality Essay

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It is safe to say that one must experience some sort of inequality at least once in their lifetime. Inequality is arguably the biggest threat to people in society today and almost any human being can acknowledge the fact that the increase of inequality is an pressing issue. While there are discernible inequality issues such as Economic inequality, Healthcare inequality, Income inequality, Educational inequality and many more, Social inequality and Gender inequality are matters that surround us everyday, yet are not being treated enough of as an issue where change needs to be brought about. Issues of gender have occurred since the beginning of birth for many reasons and as an 19 year old Canadian born Chinese student who was born in Vancouver but moved to an International School in Hong Kong, I have witnessed all kinds of gender issues such as racism within my school and throughout my travels. Moving from Vancouver to Hong Kong was a drastic change and I experienced and observed issues that may not be as severe or considered as large scale issues such as Healthcare inequality. However, throughout my time at an International school in Hong Kong, the severity of small acts of racism towards Chinese students who spoke little english was excessive and taken very seriously by the adults of the school. Gender and representation in Asia is tremendously different from how I experienced gender representation of Asians in Vancouver to be and I question how Asian men are represented in Western media. This brings me to a current and a personally hard-hitting issue that is very visible in my own eyes today.

As gender representation can be seen all over the world and predominantly in the online world, I have chosen a music video as my topic ...

... middle of paper ... the same point, however it is crucial to further analyze and examine why this phenomenon is not taken as seriously as it should be. In times past, it has been the White society that has assigned this stereotype to Asian males but the Western audiences do not seem to think Psy poses any issues on stereotypes. The music video itself is a video of a man doing ignorant and futile things, however, it has lead him to become a global sensation. The comedic value in Gangnam style is phenomenal, however, the majority of the audience is simply uneducated and do not understand how difficult and how Asian male entertainers till this day are continuously being rejected. If we are unable to identify and discern such apparent racism through a music video, how do we expect larger, more obvious and impacting acts of racism that affect the larger part of society be taken care of?

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