Essay about Social Impacts Of Nuclear Power

Essay about Social Impacts Of Nuclear Power

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Social Impacts of nuclear power :
Nuclear energy is contemplated as a sustainable energy source that reduces greenhouse gas emission and produces very less waste when compared to conventional energy like fossil fuels. Yet, nuclear wastes are highly radioactive, posing numerous dangers to public health and the environment. This is the reason public safety is a major concern when it comes to nuclear energy production and utilization. Nuclear accidents are catastrophic on a global scale, which has caused public fear of nuclear power. In this section we will analyze whether nuclear energy really a green option, the impacts of nuclear energy plants on society at local as well as global scale and what ethics principles that ought to be considered when settling on the choices on nuclear energy.

According to the advocates of nuclear energy, a typical nuclear power plant employs about 400 to 700 people depending on its size. The wages paid to nuclear power plant workers average 36% higher than for other local jobs. As per Nuclear Energy Institute’s study, a nuclear plant alongside new jobs also creates jobs in the neighborhood, from grocery merchants to builders who build properties. When members of the society are engaged in productive jobs it helps them to grow their self esteem. Employment brings money and recognition to individuals and the society gets better and more good and services. The new jobs also increases the living standards for individuals. The financial security and higher living standards are a key to good physical and mental health of the individuals. The new job creation can also help reduce other social impacts due to unemployment like drug abuse, family disruption and poor prenatal care. In addition to this, the norm...

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...such weapons, and the trepidation this has incited amongst the whole post-Hiroshima era, is itself immoral, as much as nuclear war itself. If not everyday but the mushroom cloud stays on our minds all the time. If we take into account the attack on France last week, there were less number of people harmed when compared to entire human race but the even such a limited use of weapons would not be justifiable or feasible. We do not have any right to compose ourselves such that we might give certain group of people the choice of ending all life on the planet in order to save a human creation, the nation. It is high time that we take strong steps to change the ethical ambiguity of the 21th century to shape world peace by moving towards alternative energy resources for human consumption than spending our energy to improve nuclear technology even its for human advantages.

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