Social Divisions And Its Impact On Identities And Sense Of Belonging Essay

Social Divisions And Its Impact On Identities And Sense Of Belonging Essay

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It is important to understand what social divisions are in order to identify the logic of formed groups of individuals in a society, as well as their function. Social divisions can be defined as “A principle of social organisation resulting in a society wide distinction between two or more logically interrelated categories of people” (Geoff Payne, 2006, pp.348). Social divisions can have a significant impact on sense of belonging of certain individuals, that can interfere with anything such as gender, age, ethnicity, disability, socio-economic factors, style or sexuality. In this essay gender will be used as a primary example to show an impact on identities and sense of belonging. This essay will start off by saying how the society structures genders, how and why that causes issues in identity and belonging in particular groups. This essay will then briefly talk about economic inequality

As defined by Geoff Payne, 2006, pp.348, “social division tends to be long-lasting and is sustained by dominant cultural beliefs” however, in terms of gender this division had always been and always will be permanent as this aspect of division is natural, however, it is up to us in what way and if we choose to segregate each other from the opposite genders, whether physically or by features. Even though it is not often that someone tries to segregate themselves from a gender physically, people distinguish genders and almost segregate themselves from the features of the opposite gender. Society always chooses to apply gender aspects into individuals. As mentioned by Barbara Risman and Georgiann Davis (2013: pp737), “Babies assigned to male category are encouraged to engage in masculine behaviours, offered boy-appropriate toys, rewarded for playing...

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...not feel like they belong to the economic system of the country, they feel like they do not bring any benefit to the country as they use the country’s resources and do not put anything back into the system. Someone who is rich or lives above the poverty line feels more significant from the poor, they feel like they belong to the system as they help the economy of the country run. Rich individuals often open companies that bring financial benefit and allow the market to run, being rich also allows them to buy expensive items which distributes money in beneficial way for the system.

Another example of social divisions that impact on sense of belonging and identity is disability. Disability affects individuals significantly in not only a physical way but it also has a mental impact as those individuals in many cases do not feel as if they belong to the rest of society.

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