Social Class Affects Student 's Education Essay

Social Class Affects Student 's Education Essay

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Have you ever felt as though your educational experience was different during K-12 schooling based on the local income in your area versus the experience of those who attended a school in a “richer district”? I am not addressing the types of classes offered at those schools but rather the explicit understanding and knowledge gained in those core classes that were supposedly the same as yours. The reason for this division between schools of different social/ economical status is something called the “hidden curriculum”. The “hidden curriculum” can be defined as, “a side effect of education, an expectation that is learned but is not officially assigned such as the transfer of cultural norms, values, and beliefs in both the classroom and the social environment”. By understanding that expectations differ depending on the institution and the faculty member, the students who were on the positive side of the ‘hidden curriculum’ can more effectively master the student role.
Social class affects student’s education due to the “hidden curriculum” because it develops the child and influences them to chose a particular path in their life. Anyon supports this claim of a “hidden curriculum” in her essay, Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of work. She states that, “The ‘hidden curriculum’ of school work is tacit preparation for relating to the process of production in a particular way” (89-90). Anyon shows that there is a parallel between the “hidden curriculum” and the workplace. I would like to clarify what by relating my own experiences in school to the “hidden curriculum”. Every year in at least one of my classes, I had a teacher who pushed me educationally. I had someone who personally took the extra time and wanted to see me succeed...

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... the next leaders. Even though the real world does not operate like the military, each step in education is like each promotion, and we need to be prepared because there is no guarantee what opportunities are in front of us in ten years.
In conclusion, the implicit knowledge gained in elite K-12 schools gives the students a higher rate of success in post-secondary schools, while the mechanical way of learning in poorer school districts, can set the child up for a more difficult time learning the expectations of the faculty members once they reach college. Not only does the “hidden curriculum” affect students educationally, it can influence them in such a way that they limit themselves to a way of life not so different than their parents. The only way to break this cycle is by pushing all students beyond what the textbook may say to do and inspire them to become more.

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