Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work By C. H. Knoblauch

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My educational development has primarily been in the private school system. My younger sister attended public schools as well as my son so I have some experience with them as well. I am going to summarize three scholarly essays I have read and compare them to my own academic history. The first scholarly essay I am going to discuss is Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work by Jean Anyon. Anyon believed that students of different economical statuses and the schools in their communities taught differently. She used schools in four different types of communities. The four types of communities are working class, middle-class, affluent professional and executive elite. She studied the students, teachers, principals, and staff as well as…show more content…
Knoblauch. Knoblauch shows that there are four main types of literacy that exist. These four types are functional literacy, cultural literacy, personal growth literacy, and critical literacy. Functional literacy is what people use for the very basic everyday functions. Cultural literacy depends on the type of group or people. This is passed down through generations along with cultural heritage. Personal growth literacy has to do with the way people develop cognitive thinking. Individuals in this group let their minds wander in their imaginations. The fourth type of literacy Knoblauch discusses is critical literacy. Critical literacy is very radical and deemed to be negative in society. This type of literacy opposes people and organizations with authority and urges people to strive for equal opportunities. Knoblauch concludes that even though there are several different types of literacy and people, or groups of people, use the type that they want or need literacy to be. They then use this type to try and make everyone else conform to their…show more content…
Knoblauch. I do not agree with this essay due to the fact that no matter which school you attend there will always be different types of students there with different types of literacy because we are not all the same. I feel he did not have extensive enough research on this for me to be sold on the topic. The third essay that I covered was Clueless in Academe by Gerald Graf. I could agree and disagree with this one. I agree with the fact that there is some disconnect with the schools and the real world with the schools not preparing students well enough. I do not agree with the fact that this could cause students to not be prepared because many young people these days just do not care or think about the future. You may have some students that are very motivated and have everything planned out for when they get out of school but most do not. Overall, I am glad that I had the opportunities growing up to attend different types of schools. They shaped me into the person that I am today and helped to make me successful, along with the fact that I am very competitive, take pride in what I do and take the time to learn how to work with others. I believe these traits have gotten me as far as I am

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