Social and Emotional Impact of Children's Toys Essay

Social and Emotional Impact of Children's Toys Essay

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Everyone has grown up with a certain toy they loved to play with, but no one really knew the effects it would on them as they aged. Children that are obsessed with their toys and other devices could be affected negatively and positively both with their emotional and social skills and development. When babies are born, they are forced into what they will play with, but it should not be that way. Parents need to give their children space to have an open mind about what toys they want to play with (Roberts 1 of 1).
Does pink have to be just a girls color? The color pink was not meant just for girls it just became that way back in the 1950’s. Girls are not the only ones who can wear pink, boys can too (Gottlieb 1 of 2). A toy catalogue shows boys and girls playing with the opposite sex toys to make the catalogue seem more realistic (Holly Ife 1 of 1). Some children do not want to be told what toy to play with, they would rather their parents give them a toy and it having nothing to do with gender (Delbanco 1 of 1). In Sweden, more toys that boys are supposed to play with girls started playing with them to embrace gender neutrality, although gender neutral toys will not come around, it does not mean that boys and girls cannot play with whatever they want (Gager 1 of 1).
Lego is one of the many toy companies who think it is okay to make boys out to only shoot guns and save the world, and that girls just bake, color, and sit around. That is not fair because Lego’s are supposed to help children be creative, but they cannot because they are too busy being told what to play with. The Lego company needs to stop with the certain gender type toys and just let children be creative or some other toy company is going to step in take all of ...

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