Social And Economic Effects Of World War I Essay

Social And Economic Effects Of World War I Essay

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World War has been known as the most brutal and deadliest war Europe had ever experienced. There were millions of deaths, billions of causalities and countless number of houses destroyed, The war not only took away lives and people’s hope, but spontaneously heavily influenced the post war society socially and economically. This essay is to explore and analyse social and economic effects World War One had on Europe and America.

After the World War One, Europe and America emphatically experienced a gigantic change in society. Women’s right and improvement on social status were unequivocal. They endeavoured to maintain countries’ production in ammunition and food while most men were in the war front. It was the first time women were given such responsibility and allowance to keep a country running. For the first time women were respected for their effort. This led to the rise of women. After the great war, women in Germany, Russia and Britain above a certain age were given universal suffrage. It was a milestone in women rights. Women had also gained a wider social and sexual freedom, which could be seen in America in the 1920s, when they spend time in dancing club and movie theatre to meet new people. This degree of freedom wouldn’t have been possible before the war and the freedom they were given contributed to the development of feminism, which caused social unrest due to the demand of wider freedom.

On the other hand, women were not the only ones who gained benefits, but also the labour class men. Firstly, their contribution of winning the war could not be ignored, therefore it allowed bargaining power for them to earn more and gained more respect from the society. Secondly, interclass relationships were developed in the tre...

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... getting less for paying more. This certainly slows down the general recovery of economy, and caused social unrest. Inflation and hyperinflation were part of the reason why there were so many communism uprisings throughout Europe after World War One. Citizens were getting irritated by how much they had to pay for so little and demanded an ideology which promised them the guarantee of job and food.

In conclusion, World War I certainly had a lot positive social effects on Europe, especially effects on freedom of women and the fluidity of social hierarchy. However, economic problems such as inflation and industrial hardship had strong connection with social unrest and extremism faced by Europe, and Germany in particular. All in all, World War I had undeniable positive social effects, however negative social effects caused by the economic factors could not be ignored.

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