Smoking Damages : Smoking And Smoking Essay

Smoking Damages : Smoking And Smoking Essay

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Smoking Damages
Smoking harms your body in many ways you would never even think about including almost every system and organ in your body. The author will give some facts about smoking, then list the cancers caused by smoking, then will give a breakdown of how some of the organs and systems are affected and tell a little about the effects of quitting. One third of all cancer deaths are due to smoking (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths a year and is the reason for one in five deaths (CDC, 2014). Smoking causes ninety percent of all lung cancer deaths (CDC, 2014).
Cancers that are most popularly caused by smoking include bladder, blood (acute myeloid leukemia), cervix, colon and rectum (colorectal), esophagus, kidney and ureter, larynx, liver, oropharynx (includes parts of the throat, tongue, soft palate, and the tonsils), nose, sinuses, lips, pancreas, stomach, trachea, bronchus, and lung. Some diseases also maybe included like stroke, blindness, cataracts, muscular degeneration, congenital defects, coronary heart disease, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes, ectopic pregnancy, erectile dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, and immune dysfunctions (CDC, 2014).

Some affects known about smoking. Smoking can cause many problems in the mouth, including mouth sores, ulcers, gum disease, cavities, loss of teeth, and smokers are much more likely to get cancers of the mouth and throat. Smoking also leads to your skin being very dry and elasticity, meaning it will wrinkle and have stretch marks. Smoking causes inflammation of our lungs and throat, which causing wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. The extended inflammation causes s...

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...ver smoked.
The author has personally lost many family members, including both grandparents to smoking which caused lung cancer. The author’s mother is now developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in which is slowly killer her. This is all after watching her little brother go through torture when he was a baby due to her mother not quitting while pregnant. He was in an oxygen tent for weeks to help his lungs function along with needing a nebulizer treatment three to four times a day due to his upper respiratory viruses and asthma all from the smoking mother.
Smoking can harm every part of your body, not including what it does to the people around you who are not smoking that you may be damaging. The upside is that if you quit today, you can start fixing your body immediately with no work involved. Quitting will be hard, it is an addiction, but it is possible.

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