Essay The Sistine Chapel : A Private Chapel Of The Pope

Essay The Sistine Chapel : A Private Chapel Of The Pope

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The Sistine Chapel is a private chapel of the Pope and is where any Pope in the last five hundred years has been elected. It is named after the man who paid for; Pope Sixtus IV. Later when it was finished the Pope Julius II invited the most famous Italian painters to decorated the inside with the scenes of the new and old testament. One of the painter was Michelangelo who refused at first also it was the first major painting project for him.
In the ceiling it consists nine panels. In the first through third panels it shows how God was creating the universe according from the old testament of the book of Genesis. In panel fourth it shows how God created Adam. In the fifth panel is when Eve is created from one of Adam’s rib. In the sixth panel it demonstrate the original sin of Adam And Eve and how they are forced out of the garden of Eden. In the panels seven through nine it shows the pain of the fallen men. Also in each corners painted there are nude men; Ignudi. As well there are chubby naked boys that are in pair they are putti they are located between the triangles. In the triangles he painted the ancestors of Jesus Christ. In the between of the triangles there are large male prophets and female named sibyls. As well there are big acorns because Della Rovere paid for it.
In the middle of the ceiling there is the creation of Adam created by Michelangelo. In this scene there are two dominate figures. God is on the right, and Adam is on the left. It seems that God is flying through space and is being supported by angels who are struggling to hold on to him. God seems to be an elder who has a muscular body. While he has grey hair and a long beard to seem that he is going forward. Adam seems as a lounging figure who is waiting fo...

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...seeing those who are being judge. Angels are holding trumpets to make the annunciation of Jesus. Below Jesus Christ, are St. Lawrence holding a ladder. This symbolizes the saint’s martyrdom on a gate over hot coals. Also St. Bartholomew is holding a sheet of his own skin in his left and his right hand is a knife. It symbolizes the terrible fate of Bartholomew who was flayed alive. The face on the skin is a self- portrait of Michelangelo. At the bottom there is a boat. In that boat is Hades the God of Death. It seems that on the bottom left of the painting it seem the resurrection of the dead. This whole painting is very dramatical with emotions as well physical. This is not a classical painting. And the parts of the body is all twisted away another form of contrapasso. Almost everyone is nude only their private parts are not shown or are being covered.

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