Similarities And Differences Between Christianity And Satanism Essay examples

Similarities And Differences Between Christianity And Satanism Essay examples

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The topic I found most interesting to research is about Christianity and Satanism. I may sound bias because I grew up going to church and praying to God. I would go to church every Sunday with my family, we would do rosaries on special days and we would attend some of the events at church. My mom used to read in the alter and my dad used to be part of the choir. Now that I have grown I began to question things. Growth gave me the ability to make my own decisions. I started asking myself about the existence of God or how God created everything and how science is believed to be false every time it contradicts the bible.
My job is not to rip you away from your beliefs. You believe in what you want to believe in. Do not let anyone take that away from you. My job is to get people to look at things in another’s perspective. I am choosing to compare and contrast Christianity and all its forms with Satanism. Is Christianity really all that good? Is Satanism really all that bad? Why do we even still have religion? How does religion affect people’s choices and thoughts? Let’s imagine a world where family and region doesn’t affect your choice in religion or let’s imagine a world without religion. How would the world be? Will it be better or worse?
Fighting over religion will never resolve anything. There is no right answer but the answer you choose to believe in and this answer only applies to you and yourself only. Every single person has their own beliefs and people that don’t agree should respect that person’s beliefs. I hate seeing people on social media making fun of a religion or a group of people showing up at my doorstep telling me that I need to believe in God or else I am going to hell. I don not want to hear anything ab...

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...ll rights the Constitution provides. A woman has destroyed a display of an angel falling into the pits of hell in Florida because she thought it was “not right.” This woman wa a Catholic. People were not mainly upset on the fact that his women vandalized a display but the process people had to go through just to get access to having the display. "The state can 't give itself the authority to decide whether certain religious messages are 'offensive ' — it needs to allow everyone 's speech or no one 's speech.” (Christian post).
Although people are protected by the constitution, they are not receiving the rights they deserve. People need to be set more aware that people should not be looked down on based on religion. Religion makes people into who they are and they should be shown deference. We have to learn to live together and acknowledge that we are not the same.

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