Similarities And Differences Between Ancient Civilizations Essay

Similarities And Differences Between Ancient Civilizations Essay

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Ancient civilizations are primitive, yet advanced for their time period. It is astonishing to learn about how our ancestors were able to develop languages, build intricate structures, and create well-planned cities without the luxury of advanced technology. Ancient civilizations can have many similarities; however, only a few aspects of a civilization can make it stand out from the other civilizations of the time. The Egyptians and the Sumerians are two peoples that established great kingdoms with many similarities and differences.
Mesopotamia, often called the Cradle of Civilization, was nestled between two rivers: the Tigris and Euphrates. The land has fertile, dark, rich soil and golden wheat fields. It is no surprise that this area became a prominent civilization because the land was arable and produced surplus amounts of food. The rivers provided fresh-water and transportation. Transportation was especially important because Sumerians did not have all the natural resources needed to thrive; therefore, trade was vital.
However, nothing comes without a price. The rivers were prone to flooding, which could devastate the land for long periods of time. Yet, the flooding of the rivers caused the Sumerians to organize into groups to control flooding. This created a type of government. Eventually, Sumer was divided into independent city-states. In each city-state there was a ruler-who was usually a warrior that rose to power.
Within each city-state there was a hierarchy as well. Under the ruler: publicans, scribes, and high-priests made up the upper-class. Lesser priests, scribes, and artisans were a part of the lower-class. Peasant farmers and slaves resided in the lowest of the classes, and most of the Sumerians were a part of th...

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...uld not have existed without the rivers that they were located by, and both civilizations had to adapt to the flooding of the rivers they were near. Trading was important to both civilizations because Egypt and Sumer were located in similar regions that did not produce all resources needed for survival.
Though the civilizations were set up in a similar fashion, each civilization had some unique qualities that set it apart from the other. One difference was that the people of Ancient Mesopotamia did not believe in the same gods as the people of Egypt. Another contrast was that the Sumerians did not perform mummification. Furthermore, the Sumerians loathed the afterlife, whereas the Egyptians believed in an afterlife of eternal bliss. Despite the differences between Egypt and Sumer, one thing is certain: both civilizations had an effect on the ancient world-and ours.

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