The Significant Factors To Building Brand Awareness

The Significant Factors To Building Brand Awareness

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The review of relevant literature is to identify what's brand awareness and how to carry out in strategic marketing, and consumers' behavior. The study prove that the significant factors on brand awareness as a perception of product, service, and image of the company and has a tremendous effect on consumers’ evaluation of system results. From reading all of the relevant journals, it is understandable that the significant factors on building a successful brand image and awareness is consumers and their relationship with the brand, company, service and the product. Brand awareness is the vital importance to marketing strategy and marketing communications because it links customer behavior to firms’ financial metric. Keller (2001), noted, customers’ reaction toward brand awareness is associated profitably brand equity.

Lastly, brand awareness is a crucial consideration. And It may be thought of as a consumers’ ability to find a brand within a group in adequate detail to make a purchase. It is important to remember that adequate detail does not always need identification of the brand name. Often “brand awareness is no more than a visual image of the package that stimulates a response to the brand.” Moreover, recall of the name is not necessarily required because brand awareness in which can try via brand recognition. According to Emma Macdonald and Byron Sharp (2003), suggested, when a brand is recognized at point of purchase, its brand awareness does not need brand recall. This is a major point in the consideration of brand awareness as the most important communication objective. In fact, the difference is misunderstood by marketing and advertising managers. The difficulty is to relate to the essential difference between recognition and recall, that is extremely important to advertising strategy. Brand recognition and brand recall are two separate types of brand awareness. The difference depends upon the communication effect that occurs primarily in the consumers’ memory.

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