Sigmund Freud's Psychosexual Stages of Development Essay

Sigmund Freud's Psychosexual Stages of Development Essay

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Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist is known as the founding father of psychoanalysis (Rana, 1997). Freud established new methods for understanding human behavior, and his theories have become one of the most referred to in history. Though there are many criticisms about Freud and his personality theories, his works have developed into one of the most widespread theories of personality.
As a child, Freud was only offered a few choices in careers because there was not much available due to his Jewish culture (Rana). For this reason, Freud studied medicine with a focus on neurology. After receiving a scholarship to study in Paris, Freud eventually opened his first office in Vienna. Here, Freud practiced hypnosis (Dare, Dreher, Holder, Sandler, 1997). It was then that Freud began to establish his theory.
Who is the subject we are discussing? Describe this person’s personality.
Beauty is a 19-year-old female. Beauty was born on September 12. Her modest interest in horoscopes led her to wonder if horoscopes were truly a means of determining personality characteristics, or if it was just another form of the Barnum Effect. According to her zodiac horoscope, Virgo, Beauty is supposed to be very shy, critical, discriminating and high maintenance; perfection is almost, but not good enough. On the other hand, according to the famous Sigmund Freud, Beauty’s strive for perfection had no relation to the fact that her element was Earth and her key planet was Mercury, but instead, he would refer back to the toilet training years of her life and say that Beauty was anal retentive, which lead her to become very neat and organized.

What is the general idea of Sigmund Freud’s personality development? What makes up personality, from the ...

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... are important to her. The goal of the Genital stage is create a balance within the different aspects of life. Being a full time college student with a part time job and engaging in extracurricular activities on campus, Beauty is developing a sense of balance and is expanding in her reign of independence.

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