Siddhartha And His Life : Siddhartha Essay

Siddhartha And His Life : Siddhartha Essay

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Siddhartha was one among of the famous religious leaders throughout the history. He went through several challenging experiences during his life period. Those experiences shaped his personality and his way of understanding the core of life. Reaching his awakening was not easy. On the contrary, his path was filled with thorns and calamities. By watching his biography in this movie, I came up with three aspects that expand my understanding about Siddhartha and his religion, among which are misunderstanding of the nature of the self, avoiding to concentrate on just our feeling, and reaching the Nirvana.
Siddhartha’s experiences with the gurus were full of pain without positive outcomes. He went through several self-punishment, which left him with a weak body that had almost killed him. This experience teaches Siddhartha a lesson that in order to reach the ultimate reality, he should believe in himself and his capacities. People should not put their fate in anyone 's hand; therefore, they have to successfully use their brain to not let others misleading them toward failure. Not everything that people hear from others is real; hence, they must put everything under testing. For instance, when I was a child, I believed most of the stories that a heard including religious one. On the other hand, when I became mature, I started to reject anything that does not make any sense to me including religion. Not all of the religious content was written; therefore, oral narratives play a crucial role to deliver religion to the following generation. Since we are just a human being, there is a high probability to make mistakes while transferring these oral narratives, such as being drunk, mishearing the real words, or changing the real words intentio...

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...e ones, they are thinking about their bills, stocks, labor problems, or other issues that are related to the concerns of daily life. Undoubtedly the Siddhartha 's discover of Nirvana makes the others ' people lives simple. Thinking about unseen issues will take people nowhere. It will just make them lose the sweetness of their lives. As a result, Nirvana is an alternative solution that most of us should take it into account.
As a conclusion, misunderstanding of the nature of the self, avoiding to concentrate on just our feeling, and reaching the Nirvana are the three aspects that expand my understanding about Siddhartha and Buddhism. Those three aspects are nothing but essential factors that bring stability to the humankind. Furthermore, they play a vital role to solve people’s daily life issues, and they guide them to deal properly with different type of people.

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