Should We Carry A Concealed Weapon? Essay

Should We Carry A Concealed Weapon? Essay

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If a person don’t carry a concealed weapon, how will they be able to protect themselves and their precious family from vicious criminals? Shall issue states are states that citizens may apply and be considered by the state for a gun permit which is also known as concealed carry. John R. Lott, is an economist and has received his Ph.D. in economics from UCLA. He claimed "shall-issue" concealed carry laws reduced murders by 8.5%, rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults by 7%, and robbery by 3%, according to a 2000 analysis of FBI crime data” (Lott, John R.) This refers to how concealed carry reduces crime and information was reported by the FBI compared to the other states that don’t allow concealed carry. This quote shows real evidence on how guns reduce crime in shall issue states. All states need to allow every citizen that qualifies to carry a concealed weapon. Police are there to protect, but are not fast enough. Reliable citizens with guns can save lives. Everyone needs a concealed weapon to protect themselves, it’s their constitutional right, and police on average take four minutes to an hour to respond, but sometimes they need to be their own hero.

Gun control should be regulated, but guns should be able to be given to all eligible citizens. A trusted government site that is regulated and updated often is states, “rights set forth by the Bill of Rights. The operative text states,“the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”(Second Amendment). The Constitution of the United States declares that the right to bear arms can not be taken away. By this information it refers to how the bill of rights protects everyone’s right to carry a gun. Everyone has the right to ca...

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...r gun permits. Carrying a concealed weapon can create a feeling of being impregnable and not having to be petrified to walk home after a night shift across town from the safety of a home. Concealed weapons defend lives when they are in the hands of responsible citizens. Police officials are very dedicated and help serve our country, but it only takes a few seconds for a criminal to take a victim 's life. Handguns can help prevent violence and reduce crime rates. A concealed weapon may end up saving others lives one day. Everyone can perk from being able to apply for and have a concealed weapon. Background checks help keep guns out of the hands of the potentially dangerous criminals. But don’t allow gun control policies keep the guns out of the hands of responsible citizens. Everyone can take charge of their life and be prepared for any dangers with a concealed weapon.

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