Should Vaccination Be Mandatory? Children Or Should Parents Have A Choice?

Should Vaccination Be Mandatory? Children Or Should Parents Have A Choice?

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Ever since the turn of the century efforts have been made to develop new vaccines, there has been a lot of controversy over the ethics, effectiveness, morality and the safety of immunizations and vaccinations. Health care specialists, nurses, teachers, parents and children all have an important stake in this on-going issue across the united states. At this point in time health care professionals have given the parents the choice between vaccinating children or not. Now health care officials and nurses may oppose that view based on the grounds that children will be exposed to contracting vaccine-preventable diseases if not vaccinated. If this is a risk that parents are willing to take, yet others parents are against, Than there is an obvious debate at hand. So, should vaccines be mandatory in children or should parents have a choice to vaccinate?
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From birth to 15 months the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends several vaccines, with certain exemptions including medical, religious, and philosophical views. The CDC believes that vaccinations are very important to the health and well-being of children. The CDC also has a program designed specifically for school age kids. This is called the Public Health Law Program (PHLP). It is a compilation of lists of state statutes and regulations regarding school vaccinations. This program was created and compiled in February and March of 2015. This creates a base line for education establishments to require vaccines for any child attending school.

This brings up the argument of if children are homeschooled should they be vaccinated. If unvaccinated children have no contact with unvaccinated kids, does it matter? Sho...

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...ompensated by the NVICP feature neurological injury to adults such as Gillian - Barre syndrome (GBS), from adverse reactions to the various influenza vaccines. (Conte, Louis, and Tony Lyons, 2014)

Each year 2.1 million children 19 to 35 months of age are under vaccinated. Among these are children who have received no vaccinations. Unvaccinated children are at increased risk of acquiring and transmitting vaccine-preventable diseases. (Smith, Chu, Barker, 2004)

Ultimately, vaccinations are used all around the world in hopes to prevent diseases. There are specific standards that need to be observed so that all vaccines are effective and pose minimal risks to humans. You must way out all options, cause and effects, and outcomes of ones decision. The protection of our children 's well-being far out ways the risks of preventable diseases that threaten our society.

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Should Vaccination Be Mandatory? Children Or Should Parents Have A Choice?

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