Should Undocumented Immigrants Be Legalized? Essay

Should Undocumented Immigrants Be Legalized? Essay

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Every year, states all across the United States bring up the topic whether or not they should allow undocumented immigrants to receive in-state tuition. Eighteen out of fifty states allow undocumented immigrants to attend college at tuition rates, Texas being one of these eighteen. Since the economy is not where it wants to be financially, making college more affordable for individuals is becoming a topic of concern. With numerous people contemplating whether or not to allow undocumented immigrants the privilege to receive in-state tuition, arguments from either side differ stating pros and cons of the controversy.

Review of the Literature
From pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, the U.S. is required to provide a public education to anyone that comes to the states; whether that be immigrants or U.S. citizens. “Although the court did not declare education a fundamental right, it was determined that a "public education has a pivotal role in maintaining the fabric of our society and in sustaining our political and cultural heritage; the deprivation of education takes an inestimable toll on the social, economic, intellectual, and psychological well-being of the individual, and poses an obstacle to individual achievement (Undocumented 2015).” Disregarding the eighteen states that do allow in-state tuition for immigrants, this free education does not apply to college. According to the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act if an immigrant is not lawfully born or present in the U.S., they should not be allowed in that state to receive education. “The first laws allowing in-state tuition were passed in 2001 by California and Texas. The most recent law was passed by Wisconsin in 2009 (Csere 2013).” For the eighteen...

... middle of paper ... completely split up causing protests all throughout the United States. This country should not be splitting up over one issue, as a country everyone needs to come together as one and solve the problem rather than bickering and arguing.

With the pros and cons of the undocumented immigrants receiving in-state college tuition, there are numerous routes that one can take to defend or not defend the argument. With the issue being so controversial there is not a right or a wrong way with how one would feel. With all the arguments, an individual could be caught between both sides seeing the benefits of one side of the argument or the other. No matter the situation it is all about whether or not the state feels the need to legalize or not. If they feel it is necessary with the background knowledge they have, there is no shame in going full force.

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