Essay on Should Undocumented Immigrants Be Allowed?

Essay on Should Undocumented Immigrants Be Allowed?

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In-State tuitions for undocumented immigrants in Texas, is a topic with a lot of controversy. There are some people that believe undocumented immigrants are taking away opportunities from the education aspect of its own citizens. On the other hand, some believe undocumented immigrants should be allowed to obtain higher education in order for them to contribute to society. If we allow for undocumented immigrants to pay for in-state tuitions, it will benefit us all in the long run. The pros outweigh the cons of having undocumented immigrants obtain a higher education. The in-state tuition rates give students an incentive for graduating high school and attending college. If illegal immigrants do not plan on leaving any time soon, why not do the next best thing and educated them. These undocumented immigrants should not be punished for the choices their parents made (Undocumented Student Tuition, 2015).

College is a place where we go to educate ourselves in order to achieve a higher education. Many of us go for many different reasons. Some go to obtain a specific skill set that an employer would need us to have. Others go in hope of obtain a better life for oneself or our families. Then there are some of us that go and try to find who we really are and what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Whatever the case may be, why would anyone want to take away that opportunity from anyone of us? In-state tuitions give an incentive to undocumented immigrants to keep going and obtain high education however, they also have to give something in return. Texas was one of the first states to pass the Dream Act in 2001 and was sign by Rick Perry (Kim, 2011). This allowed for undocumented immigrants to be allowed ...

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...nts to ride on the backs of its citizens. They just want a place they can be safe and can call home. They are willing to earn the respect of its citizens and earn a place in society to contribute to it.

In-state tuition is a blessing for many illegal immigrants because it gives them the chance for a better life then in their places of origin. In-state tuition gives them incentives to graduating high school and pursuing a higher education. If we are going to have illegal immigrants in the U.S we should educate them whether it be for the workforce or a higher profession. We should not blame undocumented children because of the choices that their parents made. They are brought her for a better life and a better future. Texas in-state tuition gives its illegal immigrants a chance educated themselves and a way to contribute to society as a whole.

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