Should The University Increase Tuition Fee? Essay examples

Should The University Increase Tuition Fee? Essay examples

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Should the university increase tuition fee? Currently, a debate about whether universities and colleges should increase their tuition fees has drawn a lot of attention and discussion among both the students and the faculty. According to the article, “The Struggle for Public Education in California: Coming Due: Accounting for Debt, Counting on Crisis,” the authors state, “Low income students have on average $2,000 more in debt than others. During the last ten years, average U.S. college tuition has increased about 8 percent (three times the rate of inflation) every year. In the UC system, tuition has increased 300 percent since 2000 ',” That supports, students in the universities or colleges are really hard get the diploma because they can’t afford tuition by themselves or their parents. Especially, government and organization always provide financial support to university and college, they have enough money to support whole university or college work thoroughly. So, university and college should not increase tuition fee.
One reason why increasing tuition fee in universities and colleges is not favorable is everyone believes education is really important for everyone. However, high tuition fee makes the education become a big equity problem. There is an ancient saying in my home country China that goes, “It probably takes about ten years for a tree to grow up, but it takes maybe one hundred years to educate a generation of people.” It emphasizes not only the difficulty but also the great significance of education. With the economic globalization gaining momentum, it goes without saying that the competition in the job market will only become more and more fierce. And in today’s world, without a proper education, it is very har...

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...rsity, but rather, a training center. Education belongs to public undertaking and what works in the market cannot be used to increase profits for the university. Because a university should be a non-profit institute in the first place.
To sum up, I thing universities and colleges should not increase their tuition fees. Firstly, education equity demands that the economic situation of students, especially those from low-come families should be taken into consideration. It is very important for the promotion of social equity. Secondly, apart from the funds supported by the government, universities should find other sources to save money or attract more investment to help them survive the period of economic distress. Last but not least, making money should by no means become the aim of running a universities. Public undertakings should not be governed by market rules.

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