Should The Law Prohibit Drivers From Using Their Cell Phones While Driving Or Not?

Should The Law Prohibit Drivers From Using Their Cell Phones While Driving Or Not?

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Should the law prohibit drivers from using their cell phones while driving or Not?
Has a member of a family would you like to lose your relative because someone was texting? Would you like to be hit by another car just because the driver was distracted talking to someone on the phone? Has a citizen would you like people dying in the country due to others using their phone? I suppose not. This cause can be avoided by approving everywhere a law which stops using the phones while driving. The opponent of this law will argue that accidents happened because of reasons, such as alcohol and drugs. Furthermore, more than five million people use their phones without having accidents. Although it is true, I believe that cell phones while driving should be banned for the following reasons.
One of the primary cause of accidents on the road is the distraction, which can be caused by texting while driving. “In Pennsylvania, more than 13,7900 crashes were caused because the drivers were distracted texting and driving” (...) at the same time. Despite the protest of some citizens that were for the use of cell phones while driving, this state incorporated a law that prohibited driver to use their cell phones when they are driving. Years later, it was proved that the number of accidents on the road decreased. Drivers distracted using their phones does not just put others in danger, but it further put these drivers ' life at risk too.
The distraction caused by driving and using cell phones at the same time was not the only reason why the law mentioned above was incorporated. Speeding is another reason why this law was be enacted in States like New York, Pennsylvania, etc. Police officers had noticed ...

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...hones were never the cause of tragedies.
In conclusion, people have different opinions about if there should be a law restricting drivers from using their cell phones while driving. In my opinion, this law should take place in order to prevent accidents caused by distracted drivers; drivers emerged in emotions caused by news received; and drivers who speed because they were more concentrated using their phones. People who disagree argue that these arguments are not strong enough because other factors can also cause accidents on the roads. Such as looking something outside the car while driving. I acknowledge that nowadays people have relevant information on their phones. Hence, being without their phones make them feel desperate. However, would you not like to have a law that eludes you a tragedy because you were driving using your phone?

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