Should The City Of Austin Develop A Special Ordinance Concerning Pits? Essay

Should The City Of Austin Develop A Special Ordinance Concerning Pits? Essay

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In today’s society Pit bulls are categorized as vicious, unloving and fighting dogs, back then this was not the case. At one point in time Pit Bulls were the closest thing to a national dog that the United States had. Could dogs be vicious? Yes, but any breed can be vicious. In today’s times, people have had concerns and have put certain ordinances in effect to better their community about pit bulls. In the last couple of years, there have been organizations forming in Austin to prevent or to help such ordinances to go into effect. There is no ordinance as of right now in Austin that prohibits Pits from doing something or has completely banned them from Austin. There have been rent restrictions put on pit bulls, but none done by the state or city. The question is should the city of Austin develop a special ordinance concerning Pits?
Dating back to the 19th century before they were brought over to the United States, they had resided in Europe. At this point they were most commonly referred to as “Bull Dogs”; originating from bull baiting, a sport they were suited to be good at. When this got outlawed in 1835 in England people found alternative ways to make money, this is where they came up with dog fighting “At this point, it seems likely that at least one and probably more strains of terrier were introduced into the breed to make it more "game".” (PitBulls, n.d.). A pit back then and now have been characterized by always having more aggression than any other animal. They made the better dog in their eyes to be able to have dog fights. That Pit bulls were only looked as a means of profit, not as a living thing. In Irish they described the Pits as “Old Family Dog” (PitBulls, n.d.). That they were the perfect dog fo...

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...pit right now is being examined and will be later determined by the judge on what the appropriate thing they should do concerning the dog. Another incident that happened was in Kyle, TX in 2015 when four dogs attacked a women and her dog. The owner suffered injuries while her dog passed away during surgery. “Killing the woman’s dog and sending her to the hospital, officials said” (Women injuryed in Kyle, 2015). The four dogs were identified as pit bulls mixes. The owner of the pit bulls immediately surrendered his pit bull mixes that were immediately euthanized in the shelter. The police say that the owner will be facing further charges. That the only breed the specified was the pit bull mix. That the only breed they cared about is that it had pit bull mix to it. They only care if they have pit bull mixes because they have a bad rep that goes along with there name.

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