Essay on Should Minors Contract Be Legal?

Essay on Should Minors Contract Be Legal?

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Capacity states persons under the age of 18 whom are classed as minors do not have the lawful capacity to sign a contract. It is illegal to accept a person under that age into a contract. Types of services, goods including Clothes, alcohol, entry into nightclubs and venues are strictly monitored and are forbidden to minors. Minors Contract Act 1987 covers minors and adults. States the seller of services and products providing to the buyers can sue the sellers if there are not of legal age.
Consideration is beneficial to the other party. Lawful consideration must be agreed In order for the two parties to sign a valid contract and make the contract legal.
Capacity states persons under the age of 18 whom are classed as minors do not have the lawful capacity to sign a contract. It is illegal to accept a person under that age into a contract. Both parties must be able to both agree to create a legal relationship and be in full well health to agree to the contract. This includes being well to sign the contract with good mental and physical health and be legally ...

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