Digna And Cecelia Case Study

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Facts: Eva and Maria entered into a written contract pursuant (a legal document) with Maria for rendering decorating services for a total price of $75,000. A dispute over whether services has been performed correctly arose. Eva claimed full amount was due, but Maria argued that only $50,000 is worth of services performed. Serval weeks later, Maria sent a check for $60,000 to Eva, where Maria wrote “Payment in full for decorating services”.

a) Given that Eva and Maria entered a written contract supported by a legal document for a price agreed on $75,000 for rendering decorating services, there is consideration. Both parties agree upon a price and this contract verifies validity. Judgement for Maria. Since Eva endorsed the check without making any further notations
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Maria had spoken with Eva over the phone concerning the correct total amount of $60,000 for rendering decorating services provided by Eva. Maria had sent a letter of the telephone conversation stating that Eva agreed to take $60,000 in full satisfaction obligation under the contract. Although Eva, changed her mind when depositing the check in the bank, she legally entered a mutual agreement over the telephone where it resulted in a unliquidated debt, payment is lower than actual.

Digna and Cecelia entered into a valid loan agreement, which means the two parties agreed that Cecelia owed $10,000. On September 1st, Cecelia informed Digna that she was unable to pay this day.

a) Notes: $8,000 and Digna’s stamp collection is orally accepted by Cecelia as a payment of $10,000. Cecelia will accept the this form of payment if it is done by September 10th. Digna payed $8,000 and gave her stamp collection to Cecelia on September 8th, two days before the acceptance date that Cecelia agreed on. 7 days later, Cecelia found out the stamp collection had a market value of $1,000 and demands an amount of $1,000 to be payed because so far, Digna has payed
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