Should Individual Invest? Renewable Resources? Essay

Should Individual Invest? Renewable Resources? Essay

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Should Individual Invest in Renewable Resources?
Industrial and technological mechanics are used to power the world. In order to do this, fossil fuels have been the sole source for most of these mechanics-such as buildings, vehicles, electricity, etc. However, as mankind progresses in these advances, the demand of power sources increases with each given year, thus the world’s fossil fuel reserves are depleted at an alarming rate. In addition, the continuous use of these non-renewable resources results in deadly implications. Although fossil fuels are a suitable source of energy, renewable resources are essentially a better form of energy because it is renewable, it is eco-friendly, and it brings economic benefits.
Fossil fuels have been used as a source of energy since the 19th century, in forms of coal. However as technology progressed so did the form of fossil fuels. In the 20th century, mankind started to implement natural gas and petroleum into daily lives to power auto mobiles, produce electricity, and heat homes. Despite alternative energy sources, Fossil fuels are still the primary source to power the energy grid. Fossil Fuels are in fact incredible in regards to a power source. For instance, it is extremely low on cost; obtaining fossil fuels in a refined form is a lot cheaper in comparison to other energy sources such as solar power and wind energy. In addition, fossil fuels are easily accessible. Due to the improvements and technological advancements in extraction procedures, oil companies find it easier to extract fossil fuels. Take into consideration the huge oil exploration boom in South Texas (otherwise known as the Eagle Ford Gas Exploration). Previously, the State of Texas was aware that there was reserves of oil...

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...tudy done on job gains as a result of investments in green energy has predicted that “roughly 2.5 million new jobs will be created overall by spending $150 billion on clean-energy investments [thus reducing] the unemployment rate in today’s economy by about one full percentage point, to 8.4 percent from current 9.4-percent levels” (Robert Pollin J. H.-P., 2009).
In essence, as mankind progresses in advancements, the need of a dependable energy source becomes very important. Fossil fuels have been proven to be an adequate and reliable source of energy. However the continuous use of fossil fuels results in the depletion the resource and the derogation of the environment. Thus, the question arises: Should individuals invest in renewable resources? Absolutely because this source of energy it is renewable, it is eco-friendly, and it brings economic benefits.

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