Argumentative Essay On Renewable Energy

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The United States currently relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. While the price of natural gas per barrel continues to plummet, the United States is constantly seeking new sources of renewable energy. Renewable energy consists of any type of natural resource (solar power, ocean power, wind power, rain, snow, etc.) that naturally and automatically replenishes itself. Renewable energy is important because it is infinite and everlasting, meaning our children and our children’s children will be able to utilize these resources long after we are gone. I believe the only way the United States and the world will see a large-scale transition to renewable energy sources is through education. Right now, it seems as though only a few pockets of people throughout the world are aware of the positive benefits of renewable energy sources. Not only is it better and cleaner for our environment, but the industry of renewable energy could also…show more content…
I believe any negative economic effects that the transition from traditional to renewable energy may have on our economy would be counteracted by the plethora of positive effects that would come about as a result. According to, renewable energy already supports thousands of jobs in the United States alone. For example, in 2011, the wind energy industry directly employed 75,000 full-time-equivalent employees in a variety of capacities, including manufacturing, project development, construction and turbine installation, operations and maintenance, transportation and logistics, and financial, legal, and consulting services. Other renewable energy technologies, such as the solar industry, employ even more workers. According to the National Solar Job Census taken in 2011, over 100,000 people were employed both part-time and full-time within the industry. That data alone is a promising figure considering renewable energy is still in it’s

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