Should Embryonic Stem Cell Research Be Funded By Taxpayer Dollars? Essay

Should Embryonic Stem Cell Research Be Funded By Taxpayer Dollars? Essay

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Human embryonic stem cells (hES cells) are cells derived from the interior human embryos, or fertilized eggs. It is from these cells that every other cell in the human body is born. These cells are special because they are undifferentiated ("What are embryonic stem cells?").In other words, they are able to transform into any type of cell in the human body. From a scientific perspective, the ability to understand the differentiation process of hES cells has the potential to lead to the improved treatments for various medical conditions including cancer, strokes, heart disease, and even diabetes ("Other stem cells: Embryonic stem cells."). Despite the marvelous medical implications of embryonic stem cell research, opponents argue that it should not be funded by taxpayer dollars because it involves the destruction of human life, and is therefore unethical. Thus the dilemma arises: should embryonic stem cell research be funded by taxpayer dollars? Embryonic stem cell research should be funded by taxpayer dollars because it has the potential to save millions of lives through medical advancement, it can protect the weak and poor, within the United States and abroad, from organ trafficking, and it would benefit the economy by lowering the cost of health care resulting from chronic illnesses.
Embryonic stem cell research should be funded by taxpayer dollars simply because it has the potential to save the very lives of the taxpayers that fund it. Adult Stem cells have been used for years for generating medical treatments. Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in adults which, like hES cells, can be used to replenish and repopulate the tissues or organs in which they are found. For the past 40 years, adult stem cells, through ...

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...ed for research purposes” ("What are embryonic stem cells?"). These cells do not come from embryos create specifically for research but from leftover one that would be destroyed regardless. The destruction of embryos is a natural one that occurs during natural childbirth and in vitro fertilization. It is oxymoronic to allow embryos to be killed just to allow a woman to give birth, as opposed to adopting a child, but not allow excess embryos to be used to save millions of lives.
Embryonic stem cell research should be funded by taxpayers because it medically advantageous, morally necessary, and economically empowering. Because of the flexible nature of these cells’, they have the potential to yield knowledge and treatments which could save or improve millions of lives. It is thus the morally responsible choice to seize the opportunities offered by stem cell research.

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