Essay about Should Drugs Be Affected By Drugs?

Essay about Should Drugs Be Affected By Drugs?

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At some point, every single person will be affected by drugs in one way or another. Every time a doctor prescribes a medication, a cigarette is lit, a soda can is popped open, an irresponsible college party happens, or a surgery takes place; drugs and/or alcohol affect the bodies of millions. Drugs can be used for wholesome, correct purposes, yet they can also be abused and used negatively. These drugs can take over a person 's life, and unfortunately, it happens quite often. Warning signs that may indicate a person needs help can involve drops in attendance/performance at work/school; loss of interest in hobbies; unexplained need for money; engaging in secretive/suspicious behaviors; sudden relationship issues; decreased motivation; periods of unusual hyperactivity/agitation; changes in sleep patterns; sudden weight gain/loss; deterioration in personal grooming/appearance; and unexplainably appearing anxious or paranoid.1 These symptoms indicate a much larger, underlying problem than the actual symptom itself. Upcoming, the risks of various drugs and their true costs will be extrapolated upon and explained.
Tobacco use among teens and adults presents an obvious health issue. Even today, the tobacco industry spends $9.6 billion marketing tobacco in the U.S. This translates to approximately $26 million each day, or $1 million every hour.2 Imagine how much America could benefit by utilizing this money in other ways, aiding the positive growth of it’s citizens and infrastructure. However, this money spent on advertising tobacco products presents a different kind of wealth for citizens; every year, approximately six million people die because of tobacco. While this figure includes five million smokers, it also involves about 600,000 ...

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...elings. The chemicals are slightly different and transmit strange messages throughout the brain. The other kind of drugs like like amphetamines and cocaine cause neurons to fire without stopping, amplifying emotions greatly and disrupting all other brain communications.7 Both of these changes flood the brain with dopamine and provides the brain with a sense of euphoria and a loss of coordination and proper consciousness. Because this makes the user feel good, the brain wants to repeatedly use the drug, creating the addiction.
The future trends of drugs will depend upon availability, popularity, and price. Just as in the past, people most commonly used drugs that were found easily, quickly, and cheaply.8 However, the consequences of addiction, alcohol use, and drug use are obvious and hopefully these consequences will become more evident to all victims in the future.

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