Essay about Should Community College Free?

Essay about Should Community College Free?

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In our American society it is the role of the president to devise plans that will benefit our society as a whole. He might suggest that he has this plan to solve global warming our maybe he has concerns with the way a certain policy should be. Like presidents of the past president Obama has concerns and changes of his own he would like to put into place. Community colleges offer a wide range of degrees for cutting edge technical careers in today 's industries that help bridge opportunities to higher economic class. President Obama hopes to put into action policy that would make community college free to productive members of our American society this is an issue that merits a careful evaluation at both sides of the argument.
American community colleges can be the start of new opportunities for the students that are able to attend them to advance their education beyond a high school diploma. A high school education is not enough to succeed in the middle class economy like it was in the past. This way by making two year community colleges free they would be resource that would be more widely available to everyone who wanted to advance their careers. According to The Editors, Scientific American " Community colleges are pillars of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. They train technicians for jobs in leading-edge industries and grant associate 's degrees that let students finish the last half of their higher

education at a four-year institution" ( 3 ). These types of programs that are able to grant citizens with free community college would need funding for them to operate: one example of where funding could be found is in a states lottery we can see this in motion in the state of Tennessee in a...

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...s with 2.5 grade point average students and economically diverse students in the same classroom there is no limit to the enrichment to the academic environment as a whole.
It 's our job as citizens to put our intellectual weight into what we care about and what we don 't then look critically at all the available angles. Free community college as proposed by President Obama is a large topic because it will effect the nations communities in a big way. Though no plan is without opposition and outside ideas making community college free will help are nations students get the education they deserve. With more informed communities we can then employ new workers into technical careers that benefit the worker and employers. Being able to make steps towards a higher education without the burden of finances is a great opportunity and one that shouldn 't be dismissed casually.

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