Social Benefit Of Free College

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Free College: The Benefits In the film, Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore brings up many issues but the one that stuck out the most was the idea of free college and how it worked in other countries. From the film, an individual could come up with a reasonable conclusion, that free college brings more benefit than harm. What is usually meant by free college is in fact the idea of free tuition. Instead of having students be in debt for most of their lives, they can focus on studying and not have to work at multiple jobs. Even after completing college, most students find themselves accepting jobs that do not involve the degree they had received. If the majority of the population received free college, more people would take advantage and therefore,…show more content…
While the idea of free college is often seen as beneficial only to the wealthy, college should be free for everyone because going to college could once again be seen as a choice instead of a financial problem for many households, people could also better understand others that come from different backgrounds, and there are more…show more content…
It is important, especially in a very diverse country like the United States for people to be able to communicate and understand each other. Tressie Mcmillan’s “Why College is Necessary” states, “College is the domain of the relatively privileged, and will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future, even if tuition is eliminated” (115). It can be perceived that by having both wealthy and people who are not as wealthy going to college together, could help people understand compassion and therefore the wealthy could better comprehend the issues that people not as fortunate as they, face. Even though education is seen as only for those that can afford it, if it were made free there would be more diversity. Tressie Mcmillan’s comment is significant because it states something that a lot of people can understand no matter what side they are on when it comes to free college. With higher education comes the knowledge about what really happened in history, this can help people better understand where others come from when they feel differently. In the Michael Moore film, when students had their free tuition threatened, they came together with others from different cultures to help fight what they believed in. Having something as small as free tuition could also inspire students in the United States to come together instead of
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