Essay on Should British Sign Language Be Added For The National Curriculum?

Essay on Should British Sign Language Be Added For The National Curriculum?

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should British sign language be added to the national curriculum
Sign language is a natural human language, they have their own vocabularies and sentence structures. Sign language comes into practice wherever Deaf societies come into existence. Sign language is not identical worldwide; every country has its own language and accents; however, these are not the verbal or transcribed languages used by hearing individuals around them.
British sign language (BSL) is a form of communicating using hands, facial expressions and your body language, it is mainly used by individuals who are deaf. BSL is entirely acknowledged language and does not depend on spoken language. BSL is a language which is utilised by many individuals which has experienced discrimination over many eras.
“Many people who are born deaf or are deafened early in life use sign language to communicate. Using the 2011 census, we can estimate that there are 24,326 people in the UK aged three and over who use sign language as their main language” (action on hearing loss fact sheets)
Deaf individuals can do exactly what hearing individuals can, excluding hearing.
Others observe deaf individuals to being stupid and brittle even though we are in the 21st century where nearly everything is possible, and the impossible changes to possible. So why not bring deaf identity into the national curriculum in primary and or secondary schools.
The past 20 years there has been a growth in people wanting to pursue British sign language, either as a professional pathway in which sign language will be utilised or just a form of communicating with a deaf family member, friends or even as a hobby.
Each year technology grows better and bigger widening knowledge of societies and influencing ...

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... D/deaf person, not only the D/DEAF person but also individuals surrounding them.
There is also an advantage to the government as there would be money saved on benefits as the hearing and deaf individuals will be able to communicate together so no interpreters will be needed.

Equality Matters: Case Studies from the Primary School- edited by Hilary Claire, Janet Maybin, and Joan Swann- page 35

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