The Pros And Cons Of Deaf Teachers

English is an interesting language. English is comprised of many different words from different languages all mashed up and mixed together. English is a very hard language to learn, especially if you can’t hear it. How easy would it be to confuse a “B” with a “P”, they sound similar and when trying to lip read how can you tell the difference? I feel that young Deaf /hard of hearing students being taught by a Deaf teacher or a child of a Deaf adult (C.O.D.A) teacher is very important because ASL is the first step to learning English and becoming bilingual. According to the article Why Schools for Deaf Children Should Hire Deaf Teachers: A Preschool Issue By Courtney Shantie and Robert Hoffmeister, the authors state “This paper will focus on…show more content…
I believe that this is important because if a young Deaf/hard of hearing student has a hard time learning what will their view on learning become? I also don’t agree with the fact that the article suggests the use of MCE (Manually coded English). Manually coded English, is similar to ASL But, follows the grammatical setup of English. Whereas ASL has its own grammatical setup. I believe that a Deaf/C.O.D.A teacher is the best opportunity for the students. Young Deaf students should be taught by Deaf/C.O.D.A teachers because ASL is most likely the students first language. Consequently ASL would be the easiest way to learn English. From the perspective of a Deaf person, ¨I had a hard time learning English, I had both a Deaf teacher and a hearing teacher. I learned English easiest from the Deaf teacher” (S. White, personal communication, February 16, 2016). Also, young Deaf students should be taught by Deaf teachers because Deaf/C.O.D.A are good language models. Language models are important to have because who else would be a good model for ASL? Throughout this article I will be exploring and sharing with you why Deaf/C.O.D.A teachers are important to the education of young Deaf/hard of hearing
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