Deaf Minority Case Study

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Stacy Rose
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The Hearing Impaired Minority Group The term minority refers to the membership within a cultural minority group, but also encompasses other groups that lack equality, such as people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Deaf and hard of hearing people are classified as a linguistic and cultural minority because of their inability to hear. Hearing loss may be inherited, or be a result of complications at birth. It may also occur as a result of chronic ear infections and or certain infectious diseases. Hearing loss can also be a natural consequence of aging. As we get older our hearing ability worsens and a common reason is exposure to loud noise. Over 5% of the world’s population – 360 million people – has disabling hearing
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When people think of discrimination and prejudice, it is usually in terms of gender or race. Although race and gender are the most commonly recognized forms of bias, they are not the only areas in which the presumption of a certain group results in negative irrational views. Deaf people are a perfect example of a group that suffer from discrimination and prejudice from people who are referred to as 'audits'. Audism is defined as discrimination or prejudice that is based on a person’s ability, or lack of ability, to hear and is a form of discrimination that deaf people face. The word audism is a great description of some very unfortunate attitudes that are prevalent in our society towards deaf people. People in our society harbor certain autistic beliefs toward this group. The deaf are sometimes referred to as "deaf and dumb" or "deaf and mute". People also think that the deaf cannot read or write due to their deafness, and that they cannot perform well in sports or even drive a car. Discrimination against deaf people exist in all…show more content…
One of the largest challenges is people being unaware of the Deaf culture and how to distinguish communication. It may be assumed that the members of the Deaf culture have low self-esteem and live in a lower status in society. For the most part, a hearing person has little to no experience with Deaf individuals and society can have preconceived notions about Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Due to our society, one-side view of deaf people, they are stereotyped as people who cannot function without the help of someone else. People tend to think that there is a relationship between being deaf and intelligence. Many Deaf or hard of hearing people lead very successful and productive lives. In order to change societies discriminatory behaviors our society must understand the oppression that Deaf people face
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