Essay about Should Adopting The British Custom Of Taking A Gap Year?

Essay about Should Adopting The British Custom Of Taking A Gap Year?

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People have been discussing if the U.S. should adopt the British custom of taking a ‘gap year” before college. (hook) The U.S. should adopt the custom of taking a gap year. (thesis) Students who take a gap year need to plan a well-educated gap year, with tons of fun. (blueprint 1) Parents and students fear that if the student takes a gap year that they will not go back to school. (blueprint 2)There are lots of benefits of a taking a gap year. (blueprint 3 There has been a lot of research of taking a gap year and how it helps with school. (blueprint 4)
A gap year is a period taken by a student as a break between secondary school and higher education. A gap year doesn’t have to be a whole year; it can be a couple of months. If you think a gap year is for you, you need to plan it (Knoll, 2012, 17). Students who don’t plan a gap year right, seem to end up working at Mickey D 'S because they didn’t plan a right gap year. When students decide they want to take a gap year, they forget about the future, so before you make plans for a gap year, you need to make plans for college (Rubenstone, n.d.). Students tend to make plans for their gap and forget about college, and it’s important to still think about your future. After making your plans for college, you can start to make your plans for a gap year. Most students start to save money and planning during the junior-senior year of high school. The cost of a gap year all depends on where you are going. Students usually plan a gap year with they are interested in and what career they want to do. If a gap year was planned right, with traveling, volunteering, and classes based on interest, students have found to be more successful (Fitzsimmons, 2011). Students have found that skills are g...

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...thTruth said that only 44.8 percent of students feel good about their college and career choice (Miller, 2015, 23). Time off allows students think more about their future.. Research has showed that gappers who take a year off are better at school work (Loftus, 2014, 23,). Some teachers want students to take gap year to refresh. Many educators say that students that take a gap year are more mature and more engaged in their education (Wray, 2012, 17). (blueprint 4)
By planning and taking the chances will make a good gap year. Fear is the top reason why people don’t take a gap year. The benefits help with real life and can change what you plan to do with your future. After you take you a gap year, you can go back to college with a better chance that you will have better grades and a higher GPA. I asked my sister if she wanted a gap year and she said no. (conclusion)

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