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Everyone dreams of a fairytale romance like Cinderella or Pocahontas in which a mere stranger falls madly in love with the main character. The movie Leap Year fulfills this yearning desire and much more. Anna, the lead character goes to Dublin to surprise her long-time boyfriend with a majestic leap year proposal. Along the way she is confronted with numerous obstacles such as extreme turbulence that reroutes her flight as well as having to travel by foot on her way to her destination at times. As if fate is trying to forewarn her, yet she is seemingly oblivious to all of these telltale signs. This essay will dissect and analyze Leap Year, applying several key concepts from chapter 6 and 7 in my communications book. The main focal points of…show more content…
She goes from only caring about herself to having compassion for others and the hardships that they are experiencing. These terms are ironically coined the concern for self and others. By the end of the movie, Anna no longer aspires to obtain wealth and material possessions, but instead to acquire true love and happiness. In the beginning, Anna is concerned with being married to a wealthy, renowned doctor as well as having a luxurious apartment and spending time with her snooty friends. As the movie approaches the end, Anna becomes more concerned for others when she decides to follow her heart even if it means losing everything she dreamed of having. She acknowledges the concept that intimacy and contentment are more meaningful than acquiring prosperity, lust, and expensive…show more content…
In a world full of possessions, we can get lost within the cycle of greed as we try to obtain useless artifacts to complete ourselves. When in reality all we need is someone to love and exhilarate us. We must not forget to display compassion for others even when we are facing our own afflictions. Leap Year demonstrates the steps of a terminating relationship as well as the concern for self and others. Deep down we all possess the natural instinct to obtain material belongings, but what we aspire most is a love that completes the empty space inside us. It took Anna the entirety of the film to discover her missing piece. We have to continue treading on until we find that missing piece that finalizes

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