Short Story : ' No You Don 't ' Essay

Short Story : ' No You Don 't ' Essay

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“No you don’t, Dean. You stay right there. Mm. Don’t look so afraid. It’s no big deal. You’re just naked. Granted we’re all staring at you, but why should that bother you so much? In fact, I want every boy who’s already naked out here where we can see you. Now.”
Shelly took the initiative, walking along to look between the rows of lockers to make sure they complied. She had a blast pointing them out.
“You, Mark. Kent. Oh god, Chris, I love it when you’re naked! Looks like Arthur’s coming along too.” The four naked boys all crept out where they could be ogled. Like Dean, they were all covering up their privates. It was a row of hotness, and all of them already looked so ashamed of their nudity.
Then, surprisingly, one of the other boys spoke up. Tommy wasn’t naked. He still had on most of his uniform. “This isn’t fair, Shelly! You said you wouldn’t do this!”
“Do what?” Then it hit her. She had forced him to bare himself for two girls. She had threatened that she would bring three friends with her.
“Oh! I did say that!”
“You said what?” Mindy asked.
“Never mind.” Tommy was right. Shelly couldn’t do this for two reasons. The first was strange, even to her. She didn’t care about the boys’ wounded pride of course. It was all a game to her though, so she did feel some sense of fair play. She couldn’t say one thing and then do another. It would be like breaking her own rules and she liked to make the rules. Besides, and this was a bigger reason, if she would do what she wanted no matter what, then her threats would make no difference to the boys later on. “Uh, look, we’re going to have to do this one like Miss Devasquez does. You know, kind of out of sight, around the corner?”
“What on Earth for?” But Mindy saw the look on Shelly’s face....

... middle of paper ..., all five of the naked boys managed to get totally hard for the indecisive females. None of them could hold out that long. The seven invading voyeurs all gazed across the row of high standing sticks. Dean, Chris, Mark, Kent and Arthur were a living fantasy of bare flesh, embarrassingly hard cocks, delightfully nervous eyes and bright blushing faces. The girls’ expressions ran from smug arrogance to coy infatuation.
Greta didn’t look away from them as she asked, “Why do they do that?”
“Get hard ons?” Mindy asked. “They can’t help it. It’s just a natural reaction to their own embarrassment. It’s ironic though. It makes them much more embarrassed to get their stiffies for us.”
“But do they always do that? Oh gosh, I hope so.”
Shelly told her, “Yes, Greta, you’re going to get to see four more hard dicks during the interview.”
“Really?” Three of the girls asked at once.

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