Essay on Short Story : ' Holy Hell '

Essay on Short Story : ' Holy Hell '

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The women walked into their grandmother’s cozy living room which seemed considerably smaller than it had been when she’d left it earlier. One huge man with long dark hair and a warm smile on his lush mouth, eyes which glowed with passion as he saw his love enter the room. Over beyond the fireplace another enormous man was deep in a conversation with her seanmhair. She noticed his broad shoulders and short dark hair, this man had his back to her as he continued talking.
“Duncan, let me introduce you to my sister Adaira.”
Adaira raised her head to face the man as he turned towards her and she looked into his deep sapphire-blue eyes. The same eyes which had haunted her dreams since her nightclub hookup.
“Holy hell, Morgan what are you doing here?” Said Adaira.
“Weel, I’m surprised to see ye too Dare. I’m here to meet mah brothers soon to be sister-in-law which appears to be ye.”
“Ye two know each other!” Kendrick said with a look of puzzlement written across his face.
“Aye, we met at a nightclub in Los Angeles while Torin and I were on holiday. I had no way of knowing she’s related to yer Aileana. Her friends introduced her as Dare, and we never got around to exchanging proper names. Yer are aware how noisy clubs are and how easy it is to get distracted with other matters. Consequently, the time just vanished into morning without a trace,” said Duncan with a wicked grin plastered on his smug face.
Adaira wished she could reach over and wipe that stupid ass grin off his face. It didn’t matter if it was a devilishly handsome face that given her plenty of sleepless nights since their encounter. It’s a lot easier to rationalize a one-night stand when the person’s not standing around chatting with your family, looking l...

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...atch. Ye know Gordon Ramsey is Scottish.”
“I didn’t picture you as someone who would cook, not that I didn’t think you could.”
“I like to eat, and I live alone when I not working. So I taught myself.”
“Look over there in the surf, see there is a raft of seals.” She pointed to a group near the quartzite pillars. They seem to enjoy the area near the rocks, I’ve noticed them swimming there quite often. No wonder Seanmhair always had tales of Selkies when I was younger, she has a rather active imagination with and a flair for storytelling besides, a perfect view of the seals local hangout. She kept my sister and I entertained every night before bed. I always wanted my own Selkie for a playmate, but with age come reality and of course it never happened.” She smiled and watched the seals graceful maneuvers in the water as they continue their play and mock battles.

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