Short Story About Waking Up in a Tree Essay

Short Story About Waking Up in a Tree Essay

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I felt a throbbing pain in my head and this funny sensation all over my body. My brain felt like it was boiling, then freezing the next second. I tried to move my body slowly but there were like sharp needles poking my body.
What is this bulky thing that I am resting on?
I tried to straighten my body but felt like I was going to fall down. Feeling a little unbalanced, I reflexively gripped the bulky thing and quickly tried to open my eyes.
Everything looked a little blurry at first, but it was so green all around me – leafy green, with glaring yellow light shooting through it. No, not that it was just leafy green, there were definitely leaves surrounding me, some even brushing my body. I could literally smell them – the grass-like smell, but better. With squinty eyes, I could see that they were all attached to branches around me and the pale blue sky was on the background. The scenery looked a bit peculiar to me and I thought I was in a dream, before it hit me.
Am I on a... on a tree? I am on a tree? What-- how come am I here?
I finger-massaged my head slowly for I felt a little dizzy – the kind that I never had before. I quickly grabbed the trunk that I was resting on for better stability and extended my neck to peek what was beneath me.
I was right. I was on a big, lean tree. There were other similar trees nearer, all sturdily lined up straight. I looked behind me; there were a line of terrace houses painted light orange with the back of the houses facing me. They all looked too familiar, I thought.
The sound of a motorcycle zooming behind me awakened me from my blurry thoughts so I turned back round. By the tree, there was a road stretched wide on the ground. Few other cars and motorcycles zipped through it. Standing few yard...

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...I sighed in frustration before closing my eyes shut and trying to clear my mind and think of happy thoughts. It was my habit whenever I felt stressed out and it never failed to help me.
I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. Well, the damage was already done and … the day was not going to get any brighter and the freeway was getting quieter.
It looks like the only way home now was a walk, though it was not going to be a short one. Stopping the passing vehicles for a lift was out of the question, as the hitchhiking culture is very alien in this country and it would be hard for them to slow down their car to a complete halt here – AES was nowhere near the area and the cars were all running fast.
So with a forced will, I stood up once more and begin the walk by the side of the freeway, following the usual driving route I take everyday.

Out of place and defeated

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