Short and Long Term Regulation of “Leptin” Through Feeding Essay

Short and Long Term Regulation of “Leptin” Through Feeding Essay

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One of a substance that product by the fat cell in our body is called Leptin, if we have more fat cells, we are able to produce more leptin, and it plays a key role in regulating energy intake and expenditure, including appetite, hunger, metabolism, and behavior. When the levels of Leptin are high, animals act as if they have plenty of nutrition, they will eat less and become more active, and increase the activity of their immune system. On the other hand, the levels of Leptin are low; animals will eat more, and rest more because they have to conserve energy that affords to devote energy to their immune system. However, animals with the obese gene does not make leptin which means they feels starving, try to eat as much as possible and try to conserves its energy by not moving much. Do animals really stops eating when they have high level of Leptin and starts become hungry when they have low level of Leptin?
For the result of the online research, I have found an article that was published by M. Flavia Barbano and Martine Cador who are studying at the University Victor Segalen Bordeaux in France. Also, this report has done at the Laboratory of Neuropsychology in the University Victor Segalen Bordeaux. This journal have used thirty two rats and three experiences by investigating the motivation, anticipatory, and consummatory aspects of feeding, it tested the appetite of a rats which was full by giving their favorite food The result are able to determine the authenticity about the theory of Leptin by using short and long term regulation of feeding. In the test, the investigators have used about a month which included the settlement for the rats moving from a cage into the glass bowl to get the result, and the research conducted succes...

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... to eat the chocolate cereal rather than the normal chow. However, the result in test two was not the main point that verifies the authenticity about the theory of Leptin.
In the third test, the investigator providing the normal chow for the rats and fed them until they were full which means the level of the leptin are high in the rats and the message that sending from the brain will let the rats stop eating and started become active. At that time, the rats stop eating; the authors provided the chocolate cereal which is the favorite food of the rats in front of them when they contain a high level of leptin. Although the rat still ate some of the chocolate cereal, after a few bites, the rats could not continue. The rats’ desires for food clearly decreased due to the lower level of leptin. Even when presented of leptin still played an important role in their appetite.

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