Essay about Shelby County, Alabam Local Government

Essay about Shelby County, Alabam Local Government

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Shelby County, Alabama: Local Government
Shelby County, Alabama was named after the former Kentucky Governor and Revolutionary War hero, Isaac Shelby, in 1820 (Seales, 2015). Shelby County is a quaint area that stretches over 808.8 square miles, with roughly 68% of the total area considered to be unincorporated (Dudchock, 2014). Shelby County has 17 municipalities that partner with the county to provide public services to county residents. The County 's annual budget is formulated and approved by the nine elected County Commissioners (Accounts, 2014). The Shelby County Commission appoints a County Manager to oversee county public service operations and assist in re-appropriating budget funds throughout the fiscal year (Dudchock, 2014). The Shelby County Commission also appoints a County Engineer to oversee all Highway department operations and maintenance within the county (Dudchock, 2014). The County provides a Landfill for solid waste disposal, two water treatment facilities for clean drinking water and a highway department to maintain roads and bridges (Dudchock, 2014). Without these vital services, Shelby County residents would be forced to rely on out of county service providers or private vendors at a much higher market cost. The challenge of providing services to Shelby County residents is entrusted to the County Manager and his or her ability to negotiate budgetary funds that will accommodate public service expenditures and the expansion of county infrastructures.
County Structure
Shelby County, Alabama’s governing body is structured with a main legislative body or county commission. The County Commission is comprised of nine commissioners, where each commissioner is elected by their district located within Shelby county j...

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...tructure Management, and a County Shop that maintains county vehicles and equipment” (Shelby County, Highway, 2015).
Each fiscal year the Shelby County Commission formulates and approves the annual budget to fund county provided services. Shelby County public services are operated and maintained by the County Manager and County Department Managers. The County Manager works closely with the County Commission to appropriate tax revenue to cover expenditures associated with providing services to County residents. The County Manager uses revenue to provide Shelby County residents with a landfill to dispose of solid waste, two water treatment facilities for clean drinking water, and preventative maintenance of roadways and bridges. The Shelby County Manager is the individual that influences change in the budget and providing public services to county residents.

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