Maryland: The Background Of The State Of Maryland

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Lillian Ma Per. 2B I. State Background Maryland was established in 1632. It was founded by George Calvert, who was the first Lord Baltimore. George Calvert never made it to his colony, but his son, Cecilius named it Maryland after Henrietta Maria, King Charles’ wife. However, Cecilius never could go to Maryland, so his brother Leonard went and became governor of Maryland. The free population in Maryland was 208,649, and the slave population was 103,036. Their economy mostly consists of tobacco boat building, farming, and catching seafood. II. Personal Background Luther Martin was born February, 1748, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. During 1787, he was around 39 years old. He was one of nine children, and their parents were Benjamin and Hannah…show more content…
He wanted to allow the smaller states to have a role in the government as well, so he created the New Jersey Plan. The New Jersey Plan wanted to make minor changes to the Articles of Confederation. Luther Martin wanted to give the Congress more power while still allowing one vote for every state, like the original Articles of Confederation. National Legislature Luther Martin was one of the twelve Antifederalist delegates, but he soon became a federalists as well because of his hatred toward Thomas Jefferson. He thought that the National Legislature should be represented with one representative per state because he thought that if the representatives were chosen proportionally, the smaller states would not be represented enough. On June 27, he gave a 3 hour speech during the convention on why the states should not be given representation proportionally. His New Jersey Plan wanted to edit the Articles of Confederation to give the national legislature more power. He thought that the Supreme Court needed to have a jury otherwise, the freedom that they fought for was in…show more content…
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