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Milton Hershey and Forrest S. Mars are often referred to as “chocolate royalty”. While chocolate makers of their era catered only to local consumers, Hershey and Mars envisioned chocolate for the masses. Both moguls were able to build their empires because of their successful pursuits of chocolate, but their differences far outweigh any similarities. The entrepreneurs found success in their ventures using different paths and demeanors to get there.
The most obvious similarity between Milton Hershey and Forrest Mars is that they both became wealthy from their passion for chocolate. As a result, their names have become synonymous across the world with chocolate. Both men also shared comparable childhoods. Growing up, family life was unfavorable for Hershey and Mars. Hershey and Forrest’s fathers were men who pursued numerous business ventures and repeatedly failed, causing financial burdens to their families. Fanny and Ethel (Milton and Forrest’s mothers) both left their husbands because of their extreme business pursuits and their inability to financially support their families (Ham, 2006). Though their home lives may have been tragic, Milton Hershey and Forrest Mars both inherited things from their fathers that aided in their candy business success. While Milton gained his father’s idealistic attitude and visionary sense, Forrest acquired a monetary source and business experience from working for his father. The 1940’s created an important parallel between Hershey and Mars when M&M’s became one of the few commonalities between the men. Mars struck a deal with Hershey, trading capital in return for chocolate, sugar, and technology ("Inventor of the," 2007). Surprisingly enough, the creation of one of the most well-known candies to...

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...qually and similarly renowned around the world. The worth of two opposite forms of business ethics and character traits focused in the same industry?... Billions. The interesting thought of combining those opposites into one successful way of selling chocolate?... Priceless.

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