War Of 1812 Dbq

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There were several forces that led Americans to declare war on Great Britain in 1812. There were many reasons why the United States declared war on Britain. The reasons for this is because Britain refused to stop seizing American vessels that traded with France, Britain's enemy in Europe. In addition, The United States was furious to see that Britain was responsible for the seizures of American sailors. The United States had enough of Britain interfering with their trade, disrespecting the American neutrality, and victimizing American citizens to fateful violence. Therefore, the United States declared war. This will later be known as the War of 1812! The majority of Britain's forces were battling the soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe.…show more content…
However, the British general, there was prepared, and the attack ended in failure. Although General Hull had a much stronger force and plenty of supplies, he then retreated to Detroit. Further, he was being tailed by a smaller force of British soldiers and Indians. After the war, Hull was brought to a military court and charged with cowardice. The court found him guilty and ordered him to death. However, the president, because of Hull's service during the Revolutionary War, allowed the soldier to live. In addition, an attack on America was made from Fort Niagara, which was a military post in New York on the shore of Lake Ontario. Also, a small group of American soldiers crossed the Niagara River and brutally attacked the British. Correspondingly, some Americans from New York did not want to cross the border to help against the British. They calmly watched as British soldiers shot down the attacking Americans. British forces at this time were winning victories. In other words, they captured an American fort in northern Michigan. Also, the Indians, fighting for the British, managed to capture a fort at the place now known as Chicago. The Americans found themselves trying hard to keep the British out of the state of Ohio, but this task wasn’t…show more content…
Harrison's men continued to chase the enemy as a result. By all means, they eventually caught them and defeated them in the battle of the Thames. The great Indian leader was killed in this battle, Tecumseh, who had been fighting for the British. In Late 1813, the British soldiers crossed the river and captured Fort Niagara. Also, they burned the town of Buffalo. By April 1814, Napoleon was forced from power in Europe. Further, the war between France and Britain was over. Although, the end of the war in Europe permitted Britain to send many of its soldiers to fight against the United States. In addition, about 4,000 British soldiers landed on the Chesapeake coast, southeast of Washington. They met American forces inland at Bladensburg, which was a town not so far from Washington. The British soldiers broke through the American lines, and the Americans retreat. However, a group of sailors refused to retreat with their artillery. 400 sailors chose to stand, fight, and show no fear. The struggle did not last long against the 4,000 British soldiers. The commanders of the British force took a group of men to the Capitol building and set in a blaze. Then, the commanders went to the White House with the same intention and the same motives. Furthermore, before setting
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